Whole Maple Syrup - BB4G


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Size: Pint

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Whole maple pure syrup made thoughtfully, in small batches, and with the most minimal of processing so that you're always assured to be receiving all the flavor and nutrients the tree and Mother Nature intended.

Flavor Profile:  Lovely dried apricot tones with notes of praline & cream.  Amber / Rich.  This tasty maple syrup is a darker and richer flavor when compared to our other Maple Syrup 12G.  

Zoar Tapatree syrups have been made from the trees on its 400+ acres of farm in Rodman, New York.

It's not what Tapatree put into its syrups that you will enjoy, it's what they don't take out. Tapatree does not use reverse osmosis, which strips saps to concentrate sugar; does not use high-pressured filtration, which strips out minerals to improve clarity; and does not use vacuum sap-extraction, which pulls sap from the trees.

The result is simply delicious.

Available in Pint and Half Pint sizes.